About me


I am an individual with a wide experience in working in multicultural environments, with constant daily challenges, with a clear sense of how important teamwork is and, therefore, the ability to be flexible and be adapted to work changes. I have an unique ability to communicate, specially because I'm able to speak fluently three different languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish). I'm defined by a sense of socialization fairly accurate, allowing me to create stronger ties between my co-workers, in order to stimulate the dynamism and the commitment to any task given to me or to my team. All my experience throughout the different professions I've performed, defined me as a proactive, determined, confident and reliable worker for any task assigned to me. With an extensive and expert knowledge in IT and Multimedia Communication, I've coordinated and managed several projects that were guided by a high sense of versatility and an accurate planning and organization of my work. Always seeking for knowledge in new techniques and work experiences, independantly or alongside with my co-workers in order to be more efficient and productive. I am certain that I will add more value to the company by joining the team, because I strongly believe that I will be able to collaborate in a loyal, friendly and professional way so that the company can achieve the most challenging objectives. This is me!


What I Can Do

  • Here's a list of what I can build for you:

    • Blogs
    • Micro-Blogs
    • Portals/CMS
    • Forums
    • Image Galleries
    • Wikis
    • Social Networks
    • Ad Management
    • Calendars
    • Gaming
    • Mails
    • Polls and Surveys
    • Project Management
    • E-Commerce
    • ERP
    • Guest Books
    • Customer Support
    • Frameworks
    • Educational/LMS
    • Database Tools
    • Music Websites
    • Video Galleries/Websites
    • RSS Feeds
    • File Management Websites
    • And many other solutions...
  • You're not sure if you or your company is adopting the right strategy to achieve successful results on the web? Are any of your computers giving you a hard time because it simply can't connect to your network?
    I can help you with that. I can give you the tools you need to put you and your company on the right path to success and I can simply fix any computer you have in order to work properly.
  • Do you need to advertise your business on the World Wide Web?

    I can do that for you with efficient and productive marketing strategies, recurring to state of the art SEO & SEM tools that will help you and your business to grow and develop fast.
  • You or your company wish to spread the word about your products or even about yourself or the company itself on the different social networks?

    I can provide that service in a cost-effective way so that you can focus on yourself or in your business at all times.
  • Do you or your company think that recording a video would be a great way to show the public how good you are?

    Well, I've got the gear and I've got a million ideas to share with you and how to achieve that goal!
  • Do you or your company need a photo shoot? Do you want to create a new logo for your company?

    Not a problem. Tell me where and when you want to produce that photo shoot and I'll be there. About the new logo, I'll create something so wonderfull that you definitely won't be disappointed.
  • I'm here to support you or your company on each and every technical issue you have.
    You can call me on my mobile, send me an e-mail and I can promise you that I will reply as soon as possible.

    Promise: I will reply to you within 24 hours.

My Background


This is me again

And I'm still thinking about proceeding with the studies...

Master Degree

Master Degree on IT - Specialization on Multimedia Communication
Institution: Instituto Piaget
School: Escola Superior de Educação de Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto - Portugal
Period: 2010/2012
Final Grade: 15/20
Thesis: Concepção de uma Plataforma para Agilizar Procedimentos Burocrático-Administrativos da Docência no Ensino Básico (Conception of a Platform to Facilitate Teacher's Bureaucratic and Administrative Procedures on the Basic School Level)

BA Degree

BA Degree on Music Education
Institution: Instituto Politécnico de Beja
School: Escola Superior de Educação de Beja, Beja - Portugal
Period: 1999/2003
Final Grade: 13/20

Seconday School

Secondary School concluded on Humanities
School: Escola Secundária de Amora, Amora - Portugal
Period: 1995/1999
Final Grade: 15/20

Services I provide


Web Design & Web Development Consulting Services Online Marketing (SEO & SEM)
Free domain & hosting for the first year Training and Support on-demand Full website analytics and on-page optimization
Full website design & development Dedicated contact pipeline per customer Free 10 keywords for website, depending on area
Maximum with up to 20 pages custom Sharing inovative web strategies and knowledge Get a full report about your website ranking
One Year for support and maintenance Hardware and Software Troubleshooting Social Marketing with Facebook, Twitter, etc.
10 hours for working with website content Permanent status monitoring and reporting E-mail Marketing & Google AdWords plan
Merge with other services available Merge with other services available Merge with other services available
Social Networking Video Production Photographic Production
Up to 5 texts posts per day Video shoots per request Photo shoots per request
Up to 2 image posts per day Drone video shooting available Drone photo shooting available
Up to 1 video post per day Action Cameras video shooting available Action Camera photo shooting available
Profile updates as per request Professional Software for premium edition Professional Software for premium edition
Privacy settings enhanced Videos multimedia embeding Photos multimedia embeding
Merge with other services available Merge with other services available Merge with other services available
  Online Support 24/7  
  Remote and on-site technical support  
  One hour per day to check websites  
  Weekly report about website statistics  
  Maximum two new article per week  
  Agreement Contract for 1 year period (minimum)  
  All services have Online Support 24/7 for free  

«Hélio is an highly skilled web, multimedia and communication professional. He can deal with a large amount of pressure in order to get the job done in a timely manner and fulfilling the customer's wishes. He's constantly focussed on the customer, creating a good and proficient relationship and a perfect working environment to reach a successful outcome.»

Norman Hollister - Owner and Managing Director of ServGroup Ltd.

My Hobbies

Stand-up Comedy

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